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ADT home security systems put just as much work in keeping your home safe and secure as you do. Our around-the-clock monitoring ensures that even when you aren’t home, someone is there making sure you don’t come home to any surprises.

Fire and Smoke Monitoring

When a fire and smoke detector in one of our home security systems is received, a trained ADT professional will notify you and your local fire department as quickly as possible.

Carbon Monoxide Monitoring

A carbon monoxide (CO) leak can spell serious harm for you and your family since it can be impossible to detect without a warning device. Make your home a safer place with CO monitoring services available with most ADT home security systems.

Medical Alert Monitoring

Never feel alone again with ADT medical alert monitoring in our home alarm security systems. Push a button to be connected to a trained ADT professional through the two-way voice intercom system. If assistance is needed, this professional will contact the appropriate emergency response services.


Homes are most vulnerable when no one is home. Arm your system from anywhere, or put it on a schedule that fits your needs. That’s how ADT home alarm security systems keep you and your entire home safe and secure.

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Comprehensive Coverage with ADT Home Security Systems

Whether you’re at home or away, ADT’s Customer Monitoring Centers are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Only ADT has ten Customer Monitoring Centers to provide you with fast response monitoring, because when our home security systems are triggered, a fast response really matters. Take comfort in knowing that you and your family are safe from harm any time of day.

Burglary Monitoring

Our home alarm security systems are constantly monitoring to ensure that once a burglary alarm is received at a Customer Monitoring Center, a trained ADT professional will notify you and first responders quickly.

Temperature Monitoring

Our home security systems come with sensors which detect changes in temperature anywhere in your house.

Flood Monitoring

Protect your home from potential water damage during a flood. Once an alert from our home security systems is received, a trained ADT professional notifies you as quickly as possible so you can take action and intervene in any potential damage.

Upgrade your expectations with an ADT home security system

Your security matters to us, so helping you choose the best home security system matters, too. Our home alarm security systems feature advanced technology combined with the human touch through our Customer Monitoring Centers.Below, you will find security options that are convenient, easy to use, and deliver the highest quality of protection you’ve come to expect from the leader in home security.

Home Security Cameras

The best home security systems allow you to see inside or outside your home in real time from your computer, smartphone or tablet.

Wireless Home Security

Easily install and expand the ADT home security system with wireless security.

Storm Safety

Ensure the home security system continues to work even if your landlines are down due to a storm.

Remote Access

Energy Management

Medical Alert

Lock and unlock your doors from anywhere, and receive alerts when someone else uses the home security system.

Control your thermostat from anywhere, anytime to better manage your heating and cooling usage.

The medical alert system in our home alarm security systems feature a two-way voice intercom system which immediately connects you with a real person.

“Our singular mission to provide outstanding service to our clients. We’re happy when you’re happy.”

Home Security Systems - How ADT Works

When an event is triggered through one of our home alarm security systems, every second counts. With six fully redundant Customer Monitoring Centers, you can count on us to deliver a fast response to you and the police.

Lynn M, Colorado

Wendy H, Washington

"I heard a loud noise at the back of my house. Glass was shattering from the sliding door on the patio. ADT called me right away and I told them to send help because someone was in my house. It is reassuring to know that ADT and the police officers were there."

Amy S, Indianpolis

"One of the firemen the night of the fire said, 'Do you know how lucky you were tonight?'. But I like to look at it as, we weren't lucky we were protected (by ADT)."

"Within minutes, every carbon monoxide detector on every floor of the house was going off and ADT called me immediately. Thank goodness ADT called me after three of my alarms kept warning me to evacuate and insisted that I do so."

"ADT Tech did an excellent installation of our new wireless security system including camera and motion sensor plus garage door. He also instructed us on how to use the system properly. But this was just the end of an excellent process. I called ADT in the morning and entire system installed same day. Great customer service.Thanks and congratulations.- Alan T.."

Allan T, Dallas

"My wife and I had an ADT Pulse security system with an outdoor camera installed on the 4th. Our technician was Juan Nunez. He did an amazing job and was extremely professional. The installation was quick and everything works flawlessly. He showed us how to work the system on the keypad, online, and on the ADT Pulse app for iPhones. I want to say thank you for having a professional technician who showed up on time and worked efficiently."

- Matthew G. California

- James & Yvette S. Seattle

" I have been a customer with ADT for two years now and are very happy with our service. We wanted a camera in our home and yesterday Don Engstrum, the original installer, came out to install our new products. I didn’t know we were getting a whole new system with WiFi and he did an excellent job. He was very neat with the work he did and he gave us all the time needed explaining the new system and answering any question that we had. ADT and service people like Don are reasons people stay with a good company and I hope he gets recognition for the fine work he does. "

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